Delaney Greene


Name: Delaney Greene

Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina

Major: Marketing     Minor: Biology

Favorite place for lunch on campus: All In coffee shop

Favorite spot on campus: The third floor of Brackett hall at the second little table overlooking the reflection pond or sitting on a blanket on a sunny day on Bowman Field

Favorite question on a tour: “What makes Clemson so special?” Well the answer to this is actually a whole speech at the end of my tour but I like to leave it with this… I would rather be standing in the pouring rain, with a broken umbrella, drenched from head to toe and the lighting sirens going off, telling a tour statistic about how many students study abroad or simply answering a question about Clemson than be doing absolutely anything else in that moment; and I believe that statement answers the question well enough.

Clubs and Organizations you are involved in: Clemson University Guide Association, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, Student Government, Student Alumni Association, Intramurals

Hobbies: Being outside or drinking coffee! Backpacking, road trips, lunch dates, sunset walks and cooking.

Advice for jumping into college life: When you get to college, no matter where you go, give it your all. Pour yourself into the university and the people. The more time, effort and love you give to the place you’re at, the more it will give you in return and the more it will feel like home. Get involved where your heart leads you, soak up every second on campus and never be afraid to meet new people.

Advice on how to choose a college: Choose a college that in 1- years you will cancel a work trip to come back and walk around the campus on gameday. Choose a college that in 10 years you will still wear your ring and proudly tell people where you went. Choose a college that in 10 years you still call home. College may not be the best 4 years of your life but it will be the best 4 yet if you choose a school that your hearts feels is home.