Dodie Shaw

Name: Dodie Shaw

Hometown: Augusta, Georgia

Major: Communication     Minor: Biological Sciences

Favorite place for lunch on campus: Delish Sisters!!!

Favorite spot on campus: Library bridge! This spot has the best view of the reflection pond and of campus! They say you can never cross the bridge without seeing a friendly face!

Favorite question on a tour: “What has been your favorite part of being a Clemson student?” – By far, my favorite part of being at Clemson is the people I’ve met and the lifelong relationships I’ve formed with them. There’s something so special about the Clemson atmosphere and how much the students cherish being here together! This community is unlike any other!

Clubs and Organizations you are involved in: ADPi, CUGA

Hobbies: I love drinking coffee, spending time with friends and family, shopping, traveling, watching sunsets, and being out on the lake!

Advice for jumping into college life: Don’t be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone! College is the perfect opportunity to try new things, get involved, and meet new people. Remember that college is a leap of faith for everyone so you’re not the only one who is navigating a big change!

Advice on how to choose a college: Choose a college where you feel like you’re going to find a community that will support you through thick and thin. It’s so important to surround yourself with people who will help you grow into the best version of yourself!

Fun fact about yourself: I played Dorothy in my school’s 5th grade musical, and my real name is Dorothy!