John Shoemaker


Name: John Shoemaker

Hometown: Coronado, California

Major: Political Science

Favorite place for lunch: Evolve

Favorite spot on campus: Library 3rd floor balcony facing Watt + Cadden Chapel

Favorite question on a tour: How did you end up in Clemson from California? I have been fortunate to move about every three years and have lived in Fairfax, VA, Chicago, IL, London, England and Nashville, TN. Living in Nashville made a huge impact on me. I knew I wanted to return to the South for college and to be closer to my extended family in Virginia. I only applied to schools in the Southeast and can’t imagine being anywhere else!

Involvement: Phi Gamma Delta, Chapman Scholars, Water Sports Club, Tour Guides

Hobbies: Traveling, wake surfing, boating, playing the drums, general exploring and adventuring

Advice for jumping into college: Be present! It is incredibly easy to worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Be present, you are only in college ONCE! Do all you can to remain in the moment, to embrace and experience everything your school has to offer.

Advice on how to choose a college: The decision making process is super personal! I can sell you on Clemson for days but this decision isn’t about me, it is about you. You have to find your college home. Really think about what you like and don’t like, where you see yourself spending the next four years, the location of the school, take everything into consideration (maybe even make a pros/cons list) and finally, be confident in your decision.

Fun fact: I am the oldest of four siblings! Hi Will, Charlotte and Kitty!