Kate Garrison

Name: Kate Garrison

Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina

Major: Political Science      Minor: Communication Studies

Favorite place for lunch on campus or in town: Spill the Beans or Loose Change!

Favorite spot on campus: North Green!

Favorite question on a tour: “What made you choose Clemson?” At the end of the day, there are a billion reasons why I chose Clemson. However, the one thing that really sealed the deal for me was Clemson’s school spirit. Everyone who has graduated from CU looks back at their time here fondly. In fact, the majority of alumni would still choose Clemson if they had to do their college process all over again. I think that speaks volumes about the community we foster here in Tigertown!

Clubs and Organizations you are involved in on-campus: Greek Life, Clemson Judicial Board, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, William T. Howell Pre-Law Society, and Tour Guides!

Hobbies: Curating special Spotify playlists for my friends and anything art related

Advice for jumping into college life: Get involved! That is the best way to get to know your fellow classmates who share common interests. Some of my best friendships have come from the organizations I am a part of!

Advice on how to choose a college: I think there are only a few decisions that are truly life-changing as a young adult, and deciding where you want to spend the next four or five years of your life is one of the best. My advice is to make that decision for yourself! Choose the college that you’re most excited about, and somewhere that you will be proud to attend. “I go to Clemson” is something I take pride in saying, and I hope you will too!

Fun fact about yourself: I have backpacked the Alps and the Pyrenees!