Kayla Maguire

Name: Kayla Maguire

Hometown: Great Falls, Virginia

Major: Japanese & International Business

Favorite place for lunch on campus or in town: Loose Change! I went for the first time before my very first Clemson home football game and was introduced to fried pickles for the first time– life-changing. Pot Belly Deli is a super close second!

Favorite spot on campus: The grassy field between Sanders and Geer (the shoeboxes) with the Eno hammock nest. I’ve spent way too many hours just laying in hammocks with my friends here but it’s the best! Also, the shoeboxes in general; I don’t think I will ever love where I live as much as I did freshman year.

Favorite question on a tour: “What is the best dining hall on campus?” — I don’t think anyone who asks me this question is ever prepared for the ridiculously passionate answer I give. Core dining hall forever.

Clubs & organizations: Kappa Delta, Campus Recreation group fitness instruction, and obviously tour guides!!

Hobbies: Indoor cycling, running, going for walks (especially on the dikes), spending ridiculous amounts of time at Y beach, and watching the entirety of How I Met Your Mother over and over again.

Advice for jumping into college life: Take advantage of every single opportunity you’re presented. You’re in college for a limited amount of time and it’s so much more meaningful if you use that time wisely. Join organizations, study hard, have fun, make friends, and do the things that you can only do when you’re in college because you only get these four years once!

Advice on how to choose a college: Explore all of your options! Don’t limit yourself based on what you’ve heard or read about; it’s impossible to have a full understanding of a school without researching and possibly visiting it yourself. Once you find a place that you know you’ll be able to make your home, the decision is right there!

Fun fact: My math and science classes for all of elementary school were taught entirely in Japanese!