Maggie Crowe


Name: Maggie Crowe

Hometown: Ocala, Florida

Major: Nursing

Favorite place for lunch (on campus or in town): Esso

Favorite spot on campus: I love the North Green, being able to take in the view of the reflection pond, the amphitheater and the library always reminds me of how much I love my school.

Favorite question on a tour: “What is your favorite statistic about Clemson?” My favorite statistic about Clemson is that we have the second highest amount of class rings sales in the country, only behind Texas A&M which has a student population more than double our size! This statistic represents the loyalty every student has to Clemson, and the pride we have when we get to say “I went to Clemson.”

Clubs and Organizations you are involved in on campus: Clemson Miracle, Clemson Honors College

Hobbies: I love to go on runs around campus, as well as kayak or paddle board on Lake Hartwell, and cook meals with my friends!

Advice on how to jump into college: My biggest piece of advice to every student, no matter where they go to college, is to get involved. Getting involved is the way to make your college feel more like a home away from home. It also puts you in a position to surround yourself with people who make you the best version of yourself. For example, by joining a group like the Clemson University Guide Association, I learned that I love talking to and helping people, which made me feel so confident about pursing a career in nursing where communicating with others is very normal. Getting involved helps you represent something bigger than yourself, and make amazing friends along the way.

Advice on how to choose a college: My advice on choosing a college is to find the school where you can see the most growth. If a college is chosen simply because it feels like the most comfortable option, then a lot of the beauty of the college experience is lost. Choose the college that promises growth socially and academically, even if it means taking a step outside of your comfort zone. Taking a leap of faith and going to a school seven hours away was a scary process, but the growth I have gone through in a few short years truly has prepared me for the future and provided me with friends that I will forever lean on and admire.

Fun fact about yourself: I grew up on a farm with any farm animal you can think of!