Micah Davis

Name: Micah Davis

Hometown: Black Mountain, North Carolina

Major: Civil Engineering

Favorite Lunch Spot: The Burger Joint. The food is good, but the fact that you can have a burger and fries and still only pay $7.00 makes it perfect for a college budget.

Favorite Question: Question: “Can you make good grades and still have fun” Answer: “Absolutely! You have to be able to manage your time, but you are guaranteed to have a great time at Clemson!”

Clubs/organizations: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, YoungLife, Habitat for Humanity, Every Intramural sport.

Hobbies: Soccer, tennis, hiking, climbing, trying to learn the piano, eating, watching The Office.

Advice on jumping into college: Get involved with something that interests you as quickly as possible. It is the best way to make good friends quickly, and gives you something to do other than just study, which you will be grateful for.

Fun Fact: I found a $3 Hawaiian shirt at Goodwill that I now have to wear every time I go bowling. I have never lost with it, but have never won without it.