Welcome to the Parkinson Lab/Snake Lab Clemson’s Notes from the Field!

April 8, 2019

Hi all!

This blog will be a door for you to travel virtually with us to the many interesting places we go for fieldwork! Posts will largely be picture-heavy, with short write-ups of our fieldwork, trip outcomes, and any interesting aspects of the work we are doing. Our goal is for you to learn about unique snakes, places, people, and encounters. Stay tuned for posts to come soon!

In the meantime, check out the lab website or our various social media accounts for more information.

 Parkinson Lab Website   @SnakeLabClemson

The Parkinson Lab in the field. From L to R: Andrew Mason (PhD candidate), Jason Strickland (Post Doc), Mark Margres (Post Doc), Erich Hofmann (PhD Student), Erin Stiers (MSc Student), Rhett Rautsaw (PhD Student), and Matthew Holding (Former Post Doc, now at FSU).