Faculty Research: Publications during the 2019-2020 Academic Year

September 7, 2020

Our highly productive research faculty published nineteen academic, peer-reviewed articles during the 2019-2020 academic year.  The School of Accountancy is ranked #1 in research worldwide for public universities without a PhD program.

  • Burney, L. and F. Kennedy. 2020. The purpose of a corporation and lean principles: Do the two overlap? Cost Management, forthcoming.
  • Chamberlain, D., R.  Mock, and K. Kisska-Schulze. 2019. Disappearing forks and magical airdrops. Tax Notes. 165 (5).
  • Dalton, D. W., J. M. Vinson, and S. K. Widener. 2019. Is prestige only beneficial? A cost of perceived external prestige among accounting employees. European Accounting Review. 29 (4): 753-780.
  • Davis, P., L. Schleifer, Margaret Shackell, and S. K. Widener. 2020. Creating a lean environment. Strategic Finance. 101 (7): 38-45.
  • Davis-Nozemack, K., and K. Kisska-Schulze. 2020. Applying sustainability to tax. Florida Tax Review, forthcoming.
  • Dennis, S. A., B. M. Goodson, and C. A. Pearson. 2020. Online worker fraud and evolving threats to the integrity of MTurk data: A discussion of virtual private servers and the limitations of IP-based screening procedures. Behavioral Research in Accounting. 32 (1): 119-134.
  • Edwards, F. L. 2020. Fraud, illegality and corruption in the export of used goods from the United States. International Journal of Business and Social Science, forthcoming.
  • Edwards, F. L. 2020. Same-sex marriages and the Supreme Court: A missed opportunity in revisiting miscegenation laws. International Journal of Business and Social Science, forthcoming.
  • Garrett, J. B., D. K. Holderness, and K. J. Olsen. An experimental investigation of how self-interested organizational norms undermine prosocial motivation and influence employee effort. Journal of Information Systems, forthcoming.
  • Harp, N., K. Kim, and D. Oler. 2020. A bold move or biting off more than they can chew: Examining the performance of small acquirers. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, forthcoming.
  • Huang, K., B. Lao, and G. McPhee. 2020. Internal information quality and patent-related innovation. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting. 47 (3-4): 489-518.
  • Kisska-Schulze, K., C. Ciocchetti, and R. Flick. 2020. Case-baiting. American Business Law Journal, forthcoming.
  • Kisska-Schulze, K. and J. Holden. 2020.  Betting on education. Ohio State Law Journal. 81: 465-522.
  • Kisska-Schulze, K. and R. Mock. 2020. The robotic revolution: A tax policy collision course. Temple Law Review, forthcoming.
  • Müller-Stewens B., S. K. Widener, K. Möller, and J-C Steinmann. 2020. The role of diagnostic and interactive control uses in innovation. Accounting, Organizations and Society. 80.
  • Rouwelaar, H. ten, F. Schaepkens, and S.K. Widener. 2020. Skills, influence, and effectiveness of management accountants. Journal of Management Accounting Research, forthcoming.
  • Socal, M. P., J. B. Garrett, W. B. Tayler, G. Bai, and G. F. Anderson. 2020. Naming convention, interchangeability, and patient interest in biosimilars. Diabetes Spectrum, forthcoming.
  • Viator, R., N. Harp, S. Rinaldo, and B. Marquardt. 2020. The mediating effect of reflective analytic cognitive style on rational thought. Thinking & Reasoning, forthcoming.
  • Vinson, J. M., M. B. Curtis, T. L. Conover, and L. Chui. 2020. Ethical relativism in accounting: A cross-cultural examination of the influence of culture and risk taking propensity on ethical decision-making. Journal of International Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation, forthcoming.


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