Three Electrical Engineering undergrads receive IEEE Power & Energy Society Scholarships

February 3, 2015

Electrical engineering undergraduates Turner Cotterman, Steven Rosen, and Thomas Ryan are all recipients of IEEE PES Scholarships from the IEEE Power and Energy Society.

Dr. Kumar Venayagamoorthy, Steven Rosen, Turner Cotterman, Thomas Ray, and Dr. Keith Corzine

Dr. Kumar Venayagamoorthy, Steven Rosen, Turner Cotterman, Thomas Ray, and Dr. Keith Corzine

The PES Scholarship Plus Initiative supports the most promising future engineers in power and energy.  Recipients are high-achieving undergraduate students in electrical engineering programs who have committed to exploring the power and energy engineering field through both coursework and career experiences.  PES regional volunteer leaders select recipients following the application submission period ending in June of each year.  Within a few years, these promising students will graduate with the knowledge and career experience necessary to begin making an impact across the power and energy industry.

All scholarship recipients are:

  • Declared undergraduate students of electrical and computer engineering
  • Enrolled at accredited universities in the U.S. or Canada
  • High achievers with strong GPAs and distinctive extracurricular commitments
  • Committed to exploring the power and energy field
  • Committed to enrolling in at least three power engineering courses
  • Eager to explore the field through career experiences
  • U.S. or Canadian citizens and permanent residents

The 2014-2015 Awardees

One hundred and eighty-four (184) PES Scholarship recipients were selected from the 590 individuals who applied for the scholarship.

These undergraduate students are majoring in electrical engineering, are high achievers with strong GPAs with distinctive extracurricular commitments and are committed to exploring the power and energy field. These scholarships are made possible due to the generous donations of individuals and corporations to the IEEE Power & Energy Society Scholarship Fund of the IEEE Foundation.

A special acknowledgment…
ECE Undergraduate Steven Rosen featured in IEEE PES Newsletter


PES Scholar Profile – Steven Rosen
Clemson University, Electrical Engineering Major
Graduation Date: May 2016.

I found out that I wanted to study electrical engineering when I took a digital electronics class my senior year in high school. I became so fascinated with the class that I decided to study electrical engineering instead of pre-med. I became interested in the power field when I received this scholarship and accepted a co-op with a power company, Santee Cooper.

My goal is to make a difference in the world by improving the quality of life and creating power solutions in third-world countries.

Being selected as a PES Scholar has given me more confidence and determination to learn more about power engineering and getting one step closer to my goals. College tuition is increasing every year so receiving a great scholarship like this really helps.

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