Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Learning from Dust

Dr. Alex Pullen, Assistant Professor in EEES, has been hard at work studying dust.  But not just any dust.  Pullen studies the dust that was deposited at the foot of the Andes Mountains in Argentina over the last 1.15 million years.  What he and colleagues from the University of South Carolina have learned revealed some […]

Biosystems Engineering Students Win Poster Awards at Appalachian State Energy Summit

Biosystems Engineering students Frank Jeffries (junior) and Ethan White (sophomore) split the top prize at the Undergraduate Student Poster competition at the Appalachian State Energy Summit held in Boone, NC June 8-10. Frank’s poster title was Biological Hydrogen Production by Fermentation and Ethan’s was Design of Sediment-Based Microbial Fuel Cells (co-authored by BE student Zachary […]