Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Environmental Engineering Represented at Greenville Drive Game

Environmental engineering students run a reverse osmosis demonstration at the Greenville Drive game, July 18, 2023.

A group of environmental engineering undergraduates represented the department in the 8th Annual Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Night at the Greenville Drive baseball game on July 18, 2023. The students demonstrated water treatment, a core subject area of environmental engineering, using reverse osmosis by creating pure water out of Diet Coke. The event was free for K-12 students and hundreds of families showed up to learn about STEM education and career opportunities in the Upstate through hands-on exhibits. At the environmental engineering exhibit, kids got to run the pump, handle the process by switching tubing and Erlenmeyer flasks, and talk to our students about environmental engineering. Other local companies with exhibits at the event included GE, Michelin, and Bosch among others.

Environmental engineering students with their reverse osmosis exhibit. From left to right: Meghan Kropp, Adam Rogers, Carl Espinosa, Callista Aurelia, Avery McCall, Isabella Pettus