Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Powell Selected as 2022 Senior Researcher of the Year

Dr. Brian Powell and President Clements

EEES Professor Brian Powell was awarded one of Clemson University’s highest honors.  For 2022, he was selected as Senior Researcher of the Year.  The award was presented to Dr. Powell by Clemson University President Jim Clements at the university’s annual research symposium.

Dr. Powell holds the Fjeld Professorship in Nuclear Environmental Engineering and Science in EEES.  His research focuses on the interface between the fundamental science of radionuclides with pure/idealized phases under controlled laboratory conditions and the application of this work to realistic field-based conditions.  Dr. Powell’s research provides a technical basis for design of repositories for spent nuclear fuel as well as clean-up of contaminated sites from the production of nuclear weapons. As such, his research addresses the legacy of nuclear waste from both weapons production and commercial power production that must be dealt with to minimize the potential for human and environmental exposure.  Some highlights of Dr. Powell’s research achievements include publication of more than 50 journal articles, graduating 10 M.S. and 11 Ph.D. students, and acquisition of nearly $6M in research funding.  You can read more about Dr. Powell’s award here.