Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Scribner Accompanies Football Team to Boston College

Dr. Emily Scribner with Coach Dabo Swinney

EEES Lecturer Dr. Emily Scribner was in Boston on October 8 to cheer on the Clemson Tigers football team.  Scribner was selected to participate in the Guest Professor Program.  According to Kathryn Koning, Director of Football Academic Services, “The Guest Professor Program has been around for about a decade here at Clemson. It is a great opportunity for us to build a bridge between academics and athletics. We offer up the opportunity to up to 12 professors a year (numbers may vary depending travel logistics) to take part in the full game weekend experience. We often select faculty who frequently see our student-athletes in classes as well as ones that students have had positive classroom experiences with during their time here. The experience allows the faculty, students, and football staff to have a better understanding and appreciation of each one’s roles and responsibilities here at Clemson. In short, the guys have had a really positive experience in your [Dr. Scribner’s] class the past few semesters and we have really appreciated your willingness to be available for office hours and assist in their success in your class while still holding a high academic standard!”

Dr. Scribner teaches large sections of Earth Resources (GEOL 1120) and the associated lab (GEOL 1140), as well as Natural Hazards (GEOL 1200).  Hundreds of Clemson students take the classes each semester to help fulfill their general education requirements.  Dr. Scribner brings a great deal of energy into the classroom that the students really appreciate.  Her effort was recognized through the Guest Professor Program.  Beyond the classroom, Dr. Scribner’s research interests include mineralogy and geoscience education.

According to Dr. Scribner, “It was an amazing experience that I was honored to be selected for. It really made me appreciate how much student athletes have to balance!”.  Her trip to Boston included a photo opp with Coach Swinney in Boston College’s Alumni Stadium.  Congratulations to Dr. Scribner!