Warm February with a Fearful March Freeze

April 10, 2023

This spring was a rollercoaster of emotions. From cold frosts that threatened the survival of our peach crop, to exciting opportunities and new adventures for our dear Lab members, this year is already in full swing!

Our winter was mild, and warm temperatures in late January and February sent the peach trees into an early bloom, about 2-3 weeks earlier than the last few years. Then, in mid-march the whole State of SC experienced some extreme freezes. Several of our peach blocks were lost all of the crop, as they were in a very vulnerable stage of fruitlet development, and in low lying areas. Thankfully wind machines at the farm were used to circulate the cold air, and prevent total losses.

While we are happy to have a crop to be able to evaluate, research and of course, eat!- We are also happy for our very own, Dr. Alejandro Calle for accepting a prunus breeder position in his home county of Spain! We will be sad for you to leave, but we are so proud for your hard work and accomplishments that resulted in this dream becoming a reality.  We wish you the best on your next chapter, and know you will do many wonderful things!