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Task, Usability, and Error Analyses of Ambulance-based Telemedicine for Stroke Care

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Although there are multiple variations of strokes, ischemic strokes make up 87% of stroke occurrences. Following a CT scan to confirm the absence of brain bleeding, Thrombolytic therapy using tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) is known to be one of the most successful treatments for stroke care. To be effective, however, tPA must be administered within […]

Received NSF grant to explore institutional resilience to the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID Impacts

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered practices of engagement within institutions of higher education. In particular, STEM students who study a technical trade have been greatly disadvantaged by the imposition of a virtual classroom setting. Whereas prior to the pandemic STEM students could undertake hands-on technical work in labs or factories, COVID-19 has made this […]

Collaborative VR Systems for Moderated Remote Usability Testing

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The vast majority of workplaces and educational settings have been forced to adopt either a virtual or a hybrid (jointly virtual and in-person) setting. Collaborative work in particular has been inhibited by the necessity of social distancing, as multi-faceted teams of facilitators and participants are now forced to conduct their work while geographically separated. For […]

Student Spotlight: Amal Ponathil

What is your title? I’m a Ph.D. Candidate with Clemson’s Glenn Department of Civil Engineering (Graduate Researcher and Teaching Assistant) How many years have you spent at Clemson? With my Master’s and now my Ph.D., I’ve been here for five years and counting. What do you do at Clemson? I’m a teaching assistant! I help […]

Student Spotlight: Hunter Rogers

Hunter Rogers has spent her years at Clemson fostering a deep sense of community and creating an impressive reputation as a dedicated Industrial Engineering student during her path of degrees. Her current research with the Human Systems Integration Lab at Clemson centers around optimizing telemedicine systems to minimize the factor of human error and help provide patients with the best […]