Campus sanitary sewer system smoke testing happening March 20-24

March 20, 2017


Smoke testing is scheduled to begin in several areas on campus during the week of Spring Break (March 20-24).  Upon receipt of this notice, please run about a gallon of water from all faucets in your building into all sinks and showers and let it drain out.  Also, pour about a gallon of water into any floor drains and if you have any dry toilets, please fill them with water.

University Facilities is evaluating the sewer system in your area by performing smoke testing.  Smoke testing is a technique where smoke is blown into the sewer system, and the smoke escapes through leaks in the sewers.  This evaluation work is necessary in order to locate leaks in the sewers that allow rainwater, creek water and other storm water run-off to enter the system.  Frazier Engineering has been hired by Clemson University to smoke test the sewer system.  During Spring Break (March 20-24), you will see uniformed crews from Frazier Engineering working along the sewer lines and at manholes.


  • Smoke should not enter the building unless there is defective plumbing or dry drain traps. Please follow the directions above so that water is in all drain traps within the building.  Running water now will block smoke from entering the building at these locations.
  • Crews from Frazier Engineering will not need to enter into the building.
  • You can expect to see smoke escape through vent stacks on the roof of your building – this is a sign that the building’s plumbing is properly installed.
  • The smoke is white to gray in color, nearly odorless, and is non-toxic and non-staining. The smoke will not leave residue or create a fire hazard.  The smoke IS NOT harmful to people or pets.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the work, please call the following Facilities personnel:

Scott Banks at 864-656-2565

Jay Whitmire at 864-643-6023

During the smoke testing if you have questions or concerns you may also contact Facilities Personnel by calling Facilities Dispatch at 864.656.2186 or 864.656.2187

Below is a list of buildings and areas that may be affected:

Calhoun Courts Core Campus Young Hall Bowen Hall
Thornhill Village Facilities Holmes Hall Simpson Hall N
Lightsey Bridge Fike McCabe Hall Simpson Hall S
Geer Hall Littlejohn Parking & Transportation Norris Hall
Stadium Suites McFadden University Union Brooks Center
Dillard Building Jervey Athletic Center Tillman Hall Lehotsky Hall
Maintenance Stores Sanders Hall Wannamaker Hall Barre Hall
Holtzendorff Benet Hall Donaldson Hall Life Sciences Bld
Johnstone Hall Cope Hall Bradley Hall Poole Agricultural Bldg


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