Caution urged for pedestrians, vehicles at corner at Fort Hill and Calhoun Streets

August 28, 2019

Traffic at the corner of Fort Hill Street and Calhoun Drive is notorious for its bottleneck, often backing traffic up on Fort Hill through core campus and on Calhoun Drive back to Hwy. 93. Drivers and pedestrians alike are asked to exercise caution at this intersection, especially during high-traffic times around class changes.

In an effort to alleviate traffic buildup headed toward Hwy. 93 and discourage vehicles from using Fort Hill Street as a cut-through of campus, left turns from Fort Hill onto Calhoun will be prohibited between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on weekdays beginning Friday, August 29. CUPD officers will be present to provide moving citations to anyone – in a vehicle, moped or golf cart – who violates the no left turn policy by driving around the barrier in place.

Campus officials will continue to monitor the intersection, as well as other high-traffic areas, to determine other actions needed.


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