Chilled water outage scheduled for Dec. 14-21

December 9, 2018

A chilled water outage will affect parts of campus beginning 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 14 and ending 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 21. The outage will allow workers to tie in new lines to buildings.

Facilities officials said that air conditioning systems in these buildings will be affected for the duration of the outage:
Jordan Hall; Long Hall; Kinard Lab; Martin Hall; Sikes Hall; Alumni Center; Brackett Hall; Olin Hall; Hardin Hall; Tillman Hall; Godfrey Hall; Holtzendorff Hall; Mell Hall; Johnstone Hall; Harcombe Dining; Post Office; Quartermaster; University Union; Norris Hall; Simpson Hall; Wanamaker Hall; Bradley Hall; Bowen Hall; Donaldson Hall; Core Campus; Holmes Hall; McCabe Hall; Calhoun Mansion; FM&O and Dillard Building.

There will be no air conditioning in the buildings mentioned. And with the chilly temperatures this time of year, officials expect limited impacts.

If you have questions, contact Matt Holbrooks at 864-643-6013.

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