Clemson Be True coming in September for faculty, staff and students

August 5, 2015

Clemson’s Office of Economic Development will offer Clemson Be True, a campus community-based project. Available in Fall 2015 to faculty, staff and students, the initiative expands self-awareness, builds empathy, equips participants with deep listening skills, and presents an entrepreneurial model to encourage participants to connect with each other and create new ideas together. This innovative experience is designed to effectively change the intercultural and interracial culture on the university’s campus.

To participate, contact Kathy Russ by email or by phone at 864-656-3642. Look for the registration link in next week’s Inside Clemson, and receive your free e-book.

Clemson Be True is offered as a result of a grant from the Chief Diversity Office and is presented in partnership with Peer & WISE programs, the Social Media Listening Lab, The Rutland Institute for Ethics, Women’s Leadership, CODA (Council on Diversity Affairs- Student Government), the DEN (Design & Entrepreneurship Network), the Multicultural Center, the Service Alliance, the International Center for Academic Integrity, and the Office of Global Engagement.