Inside Clemson

Increased law enforcement presence around campus

Beginning July 29th, 2019, members of the campus community will notice an increased law enforcement presence in downtown Clemson and around the campus. This increase is a planned response to a special event in the city involving the Hells Angels (HA) Motorcycle Club. As recently reported by several local news outlets, the Hell Angels selected the City of Clemson for their annual summer rally.

The group will be in the city for approximately five days, July 29–August 2nd, 2019, and will be involved in events throughout the region ranging from business meetings to outdoor activities at a local park. To address this event, local, state, and federal law enforcement partners have been working together to create an operational plan that focuses on safety and security during the event and minimizes any disruption that may occur to normal, daily activities around the city and university.

To achieve this outcome, both the university and city police departments are deploying law enforcement officers throughout the area to increase visibility and assist with any traffic congestion or delays that may arise due to an increase in traffic throughout the area. Campus members can expect to see an increase in motorcycles traveling throughout the area and members of the club frequenting shops, restaurants, and hospitality venues downtown.

Senior law enforcement leaders have been working directly with the Hells Angels leadership to develop relationships with key members and create a clear communication channel. This ongoing communication and outreach, which has worked well in other cities visited by the club in the past, will continue throughout the event to manage expectations and gain compliance with all laws and regulations.

Should anyone have questions or concerns regarding this special event, please contact CUPD at 864-656-2222 or CPD at 864-624-2000.