Newman Road now connects Hwy. 93 and Perimeter Road

July 30, 2018

By Cloe Michaud, Class of 2020

Not long ago, the unpaved Newman Road extension featured dirt, weeds and construction cones. Fast forward to today, where the new road, which now extends from S.C. Highway 93 (Hwy.93) to Perimeter Road is open – ahead of schedule.

Interim Chief Facilities Officer Todd Barnette said the new road will help alleviate congestion on Hwy. 93, particularly in light of the ongoing construction associated with Douthit Hills, Hwy. 93 and the new College of Business.

“It’s critical to keep Hwy. 93 as safe as possible for the students living in Douthit and anyone crossing the road,” he explained.

Pic of Newman Road extensionThe new extension consists of four lanes, two going each way with a middle turning lane. While the original portion of Newman offers just two lanes, officials hope to eventually expand the road as well as Perimeter Road to follow the five-lane structure of the extension.

Barnette said that stop signs have been added to McMillan Road to help manage traffic, especially during peak hours, between the Newman Road and McMillan Road intersection.

He also explained that this project will help drive traffic flow from Hwy. 93 and Hwy. 76 to Perimeter Road.

“Doing so will help enhance pedestrian traffic safety in this critical area of campus and help minimize delays in construction related to traffic,” he said.

Construction of the road began early this summer. Barnette credits the earlier-than-anticipated completion of the project to his staff.

“Drivers can use the Newman extension a full two weeks earlier than projected, thanks to Facilities Project Manager John Gambrell and the contractors who worked hard to complete this project,” he said.

(Video credit: Land Planning Associates / University Facilities)