Progress update: Required Clemson University training

October 22, 2018

All Clemson faculty and staff are required to complete the online Conflict of Interest training and Cybersecurity training by Nov. 12. Thanks to the 70 percent of staff and 46 percent of faculty who have already taken the required Conflict of Interest training and 67 percent of staff and 43 percent of faculty who have already taken the required Cybersecurity training.

Not Taken the Training? Your Next Steps!

1. Visit Tiger Training and log in.
2. Complete the required training listed specifically for you on or before Nov. 12.
3. Pay strict adherence to all training and disclosure deadlines. Remember! After Nov. 12, all faculty and staff who have not completed the online training will lose access to the Clemson University network until they complete the training.

Help Clemson reach 100 percent awareness through timely completion of all required training. For more details, visit the Conflict of Interest Knowledge Center or the Cybersecurity Knowledge Center. Employees with questions about their responsibilities with regards to University-required training are asked to see their supervisors.

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