Protecting minors involved in University-sponsored activities: Required Training

May 7, 2019

 Clemson University is launching a significant safety program to promote vital protective measures for our visitors, particularly the population of minors with whom the University’s faculty, staff and students engage extensively and continually through various programs, events and activities. The Pre-collegiate Programs Office (PcPO) will assume broader responsibility for overseeing all aspects of the protection of minors on behalf of Clemson University.

The following revised policies are effective immediately:

Faculty and staff are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the revised policies. During the fall 2019, a 10-minute Tiger Training session will be available to faculty and staff to enable them to become better informed of how to identify and report abuse or suspicion of abuse of a minor.

In addition, organizers and directors of programs with the participation of minors will have additional safety compliance requirements to follow and will be required to register their program/event/activity in Ideal-Logic, the new registration system facilitating the PcPO’s efforts to monitor compliance.

For questions, or concerns, contact the Pre-Collegiate Programs Office at 864-656-5716/



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