Inside Clemson

Time honored tradition: Volunteer for First Friday parade

 by Nikki Williamson
Associate Director for Student Programs
Campus Activities and Events

Everyone loves a parade. And this one is special because it is one of Clemson’s time-honored traditions. Here’s your chance to be involved.

Registration is now open for groups and departments to participate in the 2015 First Friday Parade, coordinated by Central Spirit. One of Clemson’s largest student organizations, Central Spirit supports Clemson Athletics and upholds many beloved Clemson traditions, such as First Friday.

The parade will begin at 6 p.m. Friday, Sept. 4. Groups and departments interested in participating can join by entering a float, driving a vehicle, or walking in the parade.

This year’s theme is “Clemson is Calling.” The parade celebrates the many reasons that call students to Clemson and what keeps alumni engaged.

To participate, complete and submit the registration form by the Aug. 14 deadline. Those who submit the form will receive an email in early August with the rules and requirements of the parade.

Contact First Friday Parade Director Elizabeth Marks at with any questions.