Title IX training required for faculty and staff

April 8, 2015

By Jackie Todd, office of Media Relations

To help Clemson maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all faculty, staff and students, Clemson employees will soon be asked to learn more about Title IX policies, procedures for resolving complaints, and key resources available for support. All university employees will be required to take a one-hour long Title IX online training course.

The online course will cover information about Clemson University-specific policies and reporting requirements, explore the definitions of terms like sexual harassment and sexual misconduct and offer interactive examples and scenario exercises. Participants may leave the course at any time. Upon return, the course will open to the last page visited. The deadline to complete the course is June 30.

“It’s important for faculty and staff to know how to respond to students who may come to them with concerns.” said Jerry Knighton, director of Clemson’s Office of Access and Equity and the university’s Title IX coordinator. “We encourage employees to not only report any issues they may encounter, but also incidents shared with them by students so that appropriate authorities can provide options and resources to ensure issues are addressed properly and in accordance with our policies.”

The online training will soon be integrated into employee orientation. As a result, new faculty and staff will be expected to complete the required training as part of the university’s onboarding process.

How to take the training

Starting next week, a special email invitation will be sent to all university faculty and staff with a link to the training. Look for an email from the “Office of Access and Equity” with “Title IX-Eliminate Campus Sexual Violence Training” in the subject line. Arrangements will be made for employees who may prefer not to use the online format.

For any questions about the required training, contact the Office of Access and Equity by phone at 864-656-3181 or by email at


  • Jeff Rosenberger says:

    I just received email from Clemson University . I thought this was spam/phishing since it was not a address.

  • Jackie Todd says:

    Hi Jeff!

    Yes, our understanding from the Office of Access and Equity is that a vendor is working with CCIT to disseminate the link, so that’s why it’s not from a address. But you were right to question that – particularly in this day and age of email spam.




  • Anonymous says:

    What happens after the deadline.

    • Jackie Todd says:

      Hi there-

      Contact the Office of Access and Equity by phone at 864-656-3181 or by email with your question.


  • Rick Ertzberger says:

    Would you please resend this link to me. I must have erased it by mistake. Thanks.

  • Rome M Davis says:

    Please send me a working link so I can access the training. I’m not sure how I missed this.

    • Jackie Todd says:

      Hi there-

      Contact the Office of Access and Equity by phone at 864-656-3181 or by email and they will be able to help you out.