Inside Clemson

Two new services offered by Clemson’s Office of Human Resources earn praise from new employees

Joining Clemson University’s ranks has never been easier thanks to two significant upgrades to services provided by the Office of Human Resources (OHR).

First, Clemson’s onboarding program is a service that allows newly hired faculty and staff to quickly become acclimated to their work environment and gain an appreciation for the university’s objectives and culture. Research shows that employees who participate in a thorough onboarding program are more likely to transition smoothly into their new positions, exhibit improved job performance and remain employed at the organization through the transition-laden first year.

Throughout the onboarding pilot program, new members of Clemson’s faculty and staff (and their supervisors) realized positive results. According to Jameka Jackson, a recent hire in Student Financial Services, “Clemson University’s onboarding program was such a collaborative effort with everything condensed and covered well.”

A key element to the success of this new program is Tigers at Work, an enhanced website that gives new hires a wealth of information to guide them through their first year at Clemson. Click HERE for more information.

Second, Clemson’s international faculty, staff and students and their supervisors will benefit greatly from International Employees at Work, the University’s new online reference tool. The site’s visa-specific, online toolkits provide:

1) all the required resources, forms, and step-by-step processes, and
2) lists of all required forms and documents.

Navigating the complex processes required to seek work authorization in the United States just got easier. Click HERE for more information.