Inside Clemson

Announcing the upcoming training requirement for all faculty and staff

Last year’s required training for information security awareness (ISA) and conflict of interest (COI) achieved 100 percent faculty and staff participation. Starting Oct. 1, all faculty and staff will renew their required training, which is intended as a proactive measure to protect the institution and those who work here.

Next Steps Beginning Oct. 1

  1. Visit Tiger Training and log in.
  2. Be alert to system-generated email notifications and reminders.
  3. Complete the required online training listed specifically for you before all deadlines. Participation by the noted deadline is required in all training that is listed for you when you log into Tiger Training.


By Nov. 12, 2019, the University is expected to report that all faculty and staff have completed their required training. Tiger Training reminders and login alerts will keep faculty and staff members who have not completed training informed as the Nov. 12 deadline nears.

For more details, visit the Conflict of Interest Knowledge Center or the Cybersecurity Knowledge Center.