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Faculty and staff percentage completion rates; COI and ISA required training

During last year’s inaugural required Conflict of Interest (COI) and Information Security Awareness (ISA) training, the University reached 100 percent participation of its faculty and staff. The results from an Oct. 10 review indicate the University is on course to meet its 2019 goal of 100 percent participation.

As of Oct. 10, 35 percent of all faculty and staff had completed the COI training and 33 percent had completed the ISA training.

The annual renewal of two 15 to 40-minute required trainings began Oct.1, and the deadline is Nov. 12.

Required Training Still on To Do List?

Important! Nov. 12 Deadline

  • Avoid disruptions by completing required training before the deadline to ensure computing access is not denied.
  • Several alerts will be issued before the Nov. 12 deadline.
  • In the event a faculty or staff member is denied computing access and cannot log in as an employee, CCIT’s Service Desk will help. Call (864) 656-3494.