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Employee Shout-outs – April 2, 2024

Portia Mitchum, Student Services Adviser, Department of Mechanical Engineering

“As a leader in the student services office, she has created an environment where students feel welcome. Portia’s ability to connect with students personally and her deep understanding of the ME program and the students’ needs has made her an invaluable asset. Portia has exceptional dedication, creativity, and genuinely cares for the students. She is a resource to other advisors who do not the experience that she does. We are lucky to have such a smart, witty, team player as part of the Mechanical Engineering department.” – Anonymous

  • Marieke Van Puyembroeck, Associate Dean for Professional Development, Health and Well-being
  • Jenny Presgraves, Director of Professional Development and Well-Being
  • Misty Stewart, Director of Graduate Student Success
  • Cairen Withington, Director of Program Review and Effectiveness
  • Kelsey Loftus, Business Analyst
  • Bob Freeman, Graduate Standards Coordinator
  • Jessica Zagorski, Director of Admissions
  • Rebecca Towe, Administrative Coordinator
  • Taylor Marin Matthews-Naylor, Domestic Admissions Coordinator

“This group volunteered to be on the Graduate School’s Conference of Southern Graduate Schools’ hosting team, and they produced a conference so great we are still getting congratulatory emails from attendees!” – John Lopes, Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School

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