Calculus Fight Club

November 28, 2016


Please contact Ryan Grove for more information

Created in 2015 by Ryan Grove, Calculus Fight Club is taught by students currently enrolled in a MATH1020, MATH1060 or MATH1080 class (as well as PAL leaders for these classes) at Clemson University that volunteer their time to help any students taking these classes prepare for upcoming tests by going over selected problems from previous semesters’ exams on the Monday night of the week of a test.

Calculus Fight Club works closely with the MATH1020, MATH1060 and MATH1080 course coordinators in order to find teachers for each Calculus Fight Club, confirm which material will be relevant to go over for each test, and to get the word out so that students in those classes know about our event.  On average, Calculus Fight Club provides around 400-500 students per event with a chance to spend a night studying calculus with their peers in an environment that is entirely led by their peers.  The current leaders of Calculus Fight Club going into the Spring ’17 semester are (pictured left to right):  Addie Stone (for MATH1020), AJ Miller (for MATH1080), Mary Guest (for MATH1020), Polly Payne (for MATH1060), and Ameilia Casella (for MATH1020).