Clemson ME students help inspire elementary students

April 30, 2015

Over the years ME4010 students have been building educational machines to help bring an interest in engineering to elementary students. In fact they, have delivered 25 wind tunnels and 20 manufacturing systems.

All of the machines are delivered to local elementary schools around the Clemson area, allowing the students to have a hands-on learning experience.

Here is a breakdown of where they have been delivered:

Spring 2015

  • Clemson Elementary: 4 wind tunnels
  • Clemson Elementary: 4 manufacturing systems

Fall 2014

  • Central Elementary: 2 wind tunnels
  • Central Elementary: 3 manufacturing systems
  • Mount Lebanon Elementary: 5 wind tunnels
  • Mount Lebanon Elementary: 5 manufacturing systems

Fall 2013

  • Midway Elementary: 8 manufacturing systems

Fall 2011

  • East North Street Academy: 4 Wind tunnels
  • Six Mile Elementary: 4 Wind Tunnels

Spring 2011

  • Midway Elementary: 6 Wind Tunnels

At the end of every semester ME4010 teams meets with their clients, an elementary class and teacher, to give a demonstration of how the machine works, and answer any questions that the students may have.

They also instruct the teacher about the operation of the machine so that it can be used to teach future students about a STEM education and career.

The budget and funding (support) for the projects have come from the Clemson University Faculty Service Fellowship, Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Fund, and CEDAR Incentive Accounts.

Below is a slide show of some of the machines from the Spring 2015 semester and their deliveries to the schools.