Dr. Summers and Dr. Fadel are elected to prestigious positions in the Design Society

August 5, 2019

Josh Summers was elected to the Advisory Board of the Design Society ( at the ICED (International Conference on Engineering Design) in Delft, Netherlands, August 5-9, 2019.  Georges Fadel was elected Vice President and continues as member of the Board of Management of the Design Society.

A paper entitled: A Review of Affordances and Affordance-Based Design to Address Usability by the following authors: Masoudi, Nafiseh; Fadel, Georges M.; Pagano, Christopher C.; Elena, Maria Vittoria was presented at ICED19

Furthermore, three papers were presented at the ASME IDETC in Anaheim, August 19-21, 2019.  They are: “Parametric optmization for Structural Design Problems by: Krupakaran Ravichandran, Nafiseh Masoudi, Georges M. Fadel, and Margaret M. Wiecek; “MODIFIED UNIT CELL SYNTHESIS METHOD FOR DESIGN AND SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS OF TANK TRACK PAD META-MATERIAL” by Neehar Kulkarni, Samuel J. Franklin, Georges M. Fadel, Gang Li, Nicole Coutris and Matthew P. Castanier; and “Multi-Scale Design Of Meta-Materials With Offset Periodicity” by Rushabh Sadiwala and Georges M. Fadel.

Georges Fadel

Josh Summers

Josh Summers