Pictures from the Fall 2016 Doctoral Hooding Ceremony

January 24, 2017

Fall 2016 Hooding

Seven mechanical engineering students received their Ph.D. degrees this fall:

  • Dr. Saad Alazemi
    • Dissertation Title: “Characterizing the Performance of a Ferrofluid-Based Energy Harvester under Direct and Parametric Excitations”
    • Advisor: Dr. Mohammed Daqaq
  • Dr. Clodoaldo Jose da Silva
    • Dissertation Title: “On The Modal Effective Nonlinearity of A Class of Tapered-Cantilever Beams”
    • Advisor: Dr. Mohammed Daqaq
  • Dr. Seyed Ali Fayazi
    • Dissertation Title: “Connected Vehicles at Signalized Intersections: Traffic Signals Timing Estimation and Optimization”
    • Advisor: Dr. Ardalan Vahidi
  • Dr. Mohammad Fazelpour
    • Dissertation Title: “Developing Design Guidelines for Meso-Scale Periodic Cellular Materials”
    • Advisors: Dr. Joshua Summers & Dr. Prabhu Shankar
  • Dr. Ayse Korucu
    • Dissertation Title: “Analysis of High Pressure H2/O2, H2/Air and Kerosene/Air Reacting Shear Flows”
    • Advisor: Dr. Richard Miller
  • Dr. Ivan Mata
    • Dissertation Title: “Affordance-Based Design Product Evolution Using Customer Feedback”
    • Advisor: Dr. Georges Fadel
  • Dr. Jingyuan Yan
    • Dissertation Title: “Optimal Design of Process Parameters During Laser Direct Metal Deposition of Multi-Material Parts”
    • Advisors: Dr. Georges Fadel & Dr. Ilenia Battiato

Below are some pictures and video from the hooding ceremony.

Pictures from ME Department

Full broadcast from Clemson TV