Meet the Staff: Beth Anne Johnson

October 18, 2021

Beth Anne Johnson serves as the Associate Director for the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences at Clemson University. Since the program’s establishment in 1995, the WISE program has helped thousands of women successfully gain employment in male dominated industries. This award-winning program pairs first year, female-identifying students with female upperclassman to guide the
young women in their college experience. While teaching essential skills alongside academics, Beth Anne helps educate and prepare women to pursue and secure successful careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) fields through outreach, recruitment, and college support.

As a social scientist and researcher, Beth Anne explores female identity and leisure. Currently, she is investigating female leisure spaces in male dominated sports. She finds that her research interests better prepare her to coach young women in crafting their understanding of self, their worth and their relation to the world.

Currently, Beth Anne serves as the President Elect of WEPAN and will begin serving as president
for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. Alongside the executive leadership team, she is honored to serve
the WEPAN community. She is looking forward to building a strategic plan and stewardship
strategies that exhibit and oversee the continuation of growth WEPAN has experienced over
the last 30 years.

When Beth Anne is not at work, she is adventuring with her family or in her garden growing
delicious foods and flowers.

What her co-workers have to say about her:

“She works hard to make sure we all sparkle and shine, and it is so encouraging. She is an awesome leader for her WISE girls and we’re lucky to have her on our team!” -Maegan Hinson

“Beth Anne is a ray of sunshine. She always has a positive word/perspective to share with our team and students. She is fun and creative and very innovative. She loves our CU students, and her passion shows. We enjoy having her on our team.” -Serita Acker

“Beth Anne, is new to our team but is truly a gem and asset. I thank her for always sharing her insight and knowledge with us and the students. And always showing Grace, my friend.” -Lisa Jackson