Meet the Staff: Brittany Sanders

April 8, 2021

Brittany Fatima Sanders is a Graduate Assistant for PEER & WISE, starting January 2021. She held various positions within PEER & WISE since 2014, including Undergraduate Mentee, WISER Resident, Undergraduate Mentor, and Newsletter Committee Chair. As a graduate assistant, Brittany collects, organizes, and interprets data relating to creating inclusive and supportive learning environments for underrepresented student populations at Clemson University.

She is a proud alumna of Clemson University, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering accompanied by a minor in mathematical sciences in December 2020. Currently, Brittany is pursuing a Master of Science degree in industrial engineering with a concentration in operations research (OR). Her research interests focus on understanding and addressing widened racial and socioeconomic inequities in academia through OR models and optimization.

“I value my work with PEER & WISE because there is nothing more I want than to make my ancestors’ unimaginable dreams a reality for my daughter. I never want her to doubt her worth because of how she looks or struggle academically because of financial limitations. When I look at her, I see more than the color of her skin and her gender; I see my mom, dad, grandparents, and all the bright-eyed little girls in the world.”

A passionate believer in building strong family bonds, Brittany is happily married to her life partner, Derek. They share a three-year-old daughter, Lincoln.

What her co-workers have to say about her:

“Brittany is a grade A super star! She is attentive to details and always has sound, solid advice. I particularly love her grounded and calming spirit.” – Beth Anne Johnson

“Brittany, is a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  Brittany is always looking for ways to make sure everyone succeeds in whatever endeavors.  She is a young lady with many talents. Brittany is truly and gem and Blessing to our team.  And may I add the best bargain finder and shopper there is. She loves to shop just as much as I do, yeah that part (shopping till you drop).” – Lisa Jackson

“Brittany is such as sweet soul. She has played a tremendous part in my success here at PEER&WISE and I would not have been able to make it without her! She is always willing to help no matter who it is, and I admire that about her.” -Kelsey Campbell