Clemson students are creative!

February 12, 2014

#CUSnowDay I read the tweets yesterday.  Here are a few of my favorites:

To class? Or not to class? @ClemsonPrez

Dear @ClemsonPrez, this tiger cub wants to play in the snow tomorrow! Please cancel class! #snowday #snowtiger

How do I walk in the snow? Do I need an umbrella? Do I wear a ski mask? Answers, I can’t function @ClemsonPrez #southernprobs

@ClemsonPrez I’m snowed in! Can’t open door!

@ClemsonPrez The old Jim would have canceled classes.

@ClemsonPrez I can promise you a very nice alternative sled if you can promise me no school today #seeyouatthedykes

I understand you know what snow is. Clemson doesn’t #MakeItWarm #OrLetMeGoHome @ClemsonPrez

I now understand what my father meant when he said he walked uphill both ways to school in the snow. Thanks @ClemsonPrez

Since I am going to have to walk to class in the blizzard I need to start now. @ClemsonPrez you could give me a ride at least

@ClemsonPrez it’s my bday and I either want you to cancel classes or sing happy bday to me #choosethefirstoption

Clemson University ranked number one in students’ happiness, until you didn’t cancel class today @ClemsonPrez

They must have turned up the steam pipes cuz snow is sticking EVERYWHERE BUT CAMPUS!

Instead of buses how about sleds? @ClemsonPrez

Some of us are glad classes didn’t get canceled today. The campus was too beautiful to miss and stay indoors!

We’re seniors. We’re in college. We’re playing bingo. And all we want is a snow day. We didn’t say we were mature.

Clemson University's 15th president, James P. Clements