Soybean Update – 5/26

May 26, 2022

Soybean planting continues, and we appear to be on track with our 5-year average. Several parts of the
state were fortunate enough to get much-needed rain over the weekend and earlier this week. Hopefully,
we can catch more rain this coming weekend to ensure adequate soil moisture for good germination,
emergence, and PRE herbicide activation. As soybean begins to emerge, it is a good time to refresh on how
to define different soybean growth stages. Often, several of our recommendations for fungicide, insecticide,
and irrigation applications are based on specific soybean growth stages. To help understand and
determine soybean growth stage in determinate (MG 5-8) and indeterminate (MG 00-4) soybean, we have
put together a “Visual Guide to Soybean Growth Stages” that includes example pictures of each growth
stage at this link:
As we continue planting and progress through early vegetative growth continue scouting, don’t get behind
on herbicide applications, and don’t overlook the value of a soil or tissue sample if problem areas begin to