FFTA Scholarship recipient interns with MacDermid

November 11, 2019

By Kadence Baker

Anissa Mollett is a second-year graduate student working towards an M.S. in Graphic Communications. In Spring 2019, Mollett was a recipient of the Foundation of FTA (FFTA) Rossini Scholarship, which grants students scholarships to continue and enhance their research. Amidst her research, Mollett is also interning with MacDermid Graphics Solutions this fall semester. We sat down with her to learn more about her internship and her research.Anissa Mollett, FFTA scholarship recipient

Sonoco Institute (SI): Where (company, city/state) is your fall internship and what is your position? 

Anissa Mollett: (AM): I am interning with MacDermid Graphics Solutions in Atlanta, GA as a Technical Applications Intern.

SI:How does your research relate to your internship. How will the work you’re doing impact your future career?

AM: My research focuses on the composition and durability properties of petroleum-based inks compared to more environmentally friendly inks. My internship concentrates on various plate materials and the process behind platemaking. The work I do at my internship is not directly related to my current research project, but it does provide insight into the different ways printing plates may impact inks and print quality. For my career in the graphics industry, having an understanding of the capabilities of different plate materials will be helpful when designing and evaluating packaging or printed materials. 

SI: What has been your favorite project at MacDermid so far? 

AM: My favorite project so far has been creating corrugated printing plates. Prior to my internship, I had much exposure to how corrugated plates are made and the prepress considerations for making these plates. Handling a full-size, 155 gauge plate with the help of my colleagues was a challenging and interesting process overall. 

SI: What have you learned that you will take with you once this internship ends? 

AM: Once I complete my internship, I will have more in-depth knowledge of how to properly set up plates and platemaking equipment, depending on the type of plate material being used for the project. I will also have a better understanding of how to use different types of prepress software to apply advanced surface screenings and plate curves when necessary for the best quality plate. 

SI: How has the FFTA scholarship impacted your research/education? 

AM: The FFTA Rossini Scholarship has allowed me to explore an emerging topic for the printing industry related to environmentally conscious product use and development. I have been able to make connections with industry professionals who have graciously supported my endeavors. Ultimately, receiving this scholarship has shown me that others are interested in the topic of eco-friendly alternatives in printing and also believe it is an issue that should be explored for the future of the industry. 

SI: What are your goals for your research? 

AM: The research project is scheduled to be completed by December 31, 2019. My goals for the project are to display the potential for using more eco-friendly inks and substrates, to expand the study into the flexible film and corrugated markets in the future, and to convey the importance of consumer education in the success of environmentally conscious product initiatives within the printing industry. 

SI: When will you present your research?

AM: I will be presenting my research at the 2020 FTA Forum in Columbus, Ohio.

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