Operation ‘Sleepover’ (FTX) Fall 2013

November 12, 2013

DSC_0096From November 1-3, The Fightin’ Tiger Battalion conducted its first, battalion field training exercise of the year at Fants Grove. This operation entailed weapons familiarization, live fire exercises, and day and night land navigation. Each ML class had different types of training tailored to their class and experience level. The ML IIIs went out to Fants Grove Friday afternoon to receive some extra night land navigation and experience staying in the field. Early Saturday morning, the ML IIs left from campus and linked up with the ML IIIs at Clemson’s firing range. At the range, the ML IIs  had some weapon familiarization classes and practiced disassembling/ assembling the M16 while the ML IIIs conducted live fire exercises. While the ML IIs and IIIs were conducting operations at the range, the ML Is arrived at Fants Grove and received some land navigation classes taught by ML IVs. At noon on Saturday, the entire battalion linked up at Fants Grove and began setting up patrol bases divided by platoons. Shortly thereafter, all cadets began receiving maps, land navigation cards, and safety briefs before stepping off for day land navigation. For land navigation, both day and night, the ML Is went out in groups of three or four Cadets lead by a ML IV, the ML IIs went out in pairs, and the ML IIIs went out alone. After day land navigation, Cadets took a break to eat dinner, received another safety brief, and set out to experience the challenges of navigating in the woods at night. To end a long Saturday of training, Cadets went to sleep in their respective patrol bases for the remainder of a very chilly night. Early Sunday morning, Cadets awoke, packed up their ruck sacks, gave after action reviews by squad, and returned to campus. After an equipment shake down and a safety brief, Cadets were released.

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