A Week in Review for Feb 6th for the Clemson Fightin Tigers

February 23, 2017

Blog 7This week at the Fightin’ Tiger’s Battalion Lab, Army ROTC Cadets rehearsed Battle Drill 1, Squad Attack. Squad Attack is a staple of the Army’s Battle Drills and all cadets must be fluent in it in order to succeed during ROTC training, as well as future Platoon Leaders.

The Lab started with an initial sand-table briefing by Cadet Hale, an MSIII Cadet and junior at Clemson, in which he demonstrated the moving parts of Battle Drill 1. Next was a full-scale demonstration on the beach of Crew Hill by members of the MSIII class, led by Cadet
Peresechino, and with assistance from Sergeant First Class Stallworth.

Next the Cadets moved into the wood-line of Crew Hill
in order to practice Battle Drill 1 in their designated squads. Along with an MSIV lane-walker, the MSIII Cadets led the MSIs and MSIIs through Squad Attack for approximately an hour. Again, this is an important concept to be able to conduct properly, so we really hit it hard with this lab.

At the end of Lab, Lieutenant Colonel Crawford, the Professor of Military Science at Clemson, held a contracting ceremony for Cadet Beasenburg, who took the next step in continuing her future career as officer in the United States Army. Congratulations!

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