Cognition, Aging, and Technology Lab

L to R: Heather Watkins, Zach Guyton, Dan Quinn, Richard Pak, Jeremy Lopez, Claire Textor


The CAT Lab at the Clemson University Department of Psychology conducts psychological research that investigates how aging affects older adult’s ability to use new technologies.

We study human factors, a branch of psychology, which is interested in understanding how human capabilities and limitations affects one’s ability to interact with technologies (e.g., computers, smartphones, etc).

Richard Pak is the lab director.

Graduate Students working in the lab:

Our research is informed by and creates fundamental, generalizeable knowledge that enhances things we use everyday. We depend on the generosity of local older adults to help us in our research.

If you are interested in participating in our research, please contact us.  See the latest lab news, and some pictures of past lab members and activities.


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