ChBE Community Outreach

July 22, 2016

Davis with students P1050915 image7 IMG_6734P1050910Working on filtration system 3

This past academic year, the Chemical & Biomolecular Department has been participating in many community activities, reaching out to students from elementary to high school levels. The goal is to expose students, who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity, to math and engineering problems and experiments. This, in turn, may spark an interest at a young age for professions in engineering or science. Along with Assistant Professor, Dr. Eric Davis, many of our graduate and undergraduate students have participated in judging math and science projects at Tamassee-Salem High School, help run the First Lego League (FLL) robot qualifying competition at Tri-County Technical College with kids age 9-14, as well as running science experiments with many girls scouts during WISE (Women in Science & Engineering) Girl Scout Day. In addition, Dr. Scott Husson visited Stone Academy earlier this year and helped the 5th grade class create water filtration systems on their Science Fun Day. Most recently, our department took part in the 2016 Navy STEAM Camp program on June 24th. The program gives high school students with parents serving in the Navy the opportunity to spend a week at Clemson University and the surrounding area exploring engineering and biotechnology activities. For our activity, the students were tasked with designing and building a water filtration device using only a plastic bottle and their choice of sand, rice, cotton balls, and activated carbon. They then used the filters to clarify unpurified apple juice. We had four graduate students and two undergraduates who helped with this event.