Graduate Lab Assistant, Max Teddy — Way Above and Beyond

December 18, 2020

Congratulations to Max Teddy, recipient of the 2020 Fall Outstanding Graduate Lab Assistant Award. Civil undergraduate students select the winner of this coveted award each semester. In addition to the Outstanding Graduate Lab Assistant, Max was also the inaugural winner of the Civil Engineering Above and Beyond Award selected by the Civil Engineering Honors and Award Committee.

“I knew in high school that I loved transportation, and I always enjoyed math and science, so I figured Civil Engineering would be a great way to learn more about transportation design,” Max said. “A big part of what drew me to Clemson was how at home I felt when I visited. Another big reason I chose Clemson was because I was accepted to the Clemson University Honors College, which really elevated my experience as an undergraduate. Some of the Honors classes I took were my favorite classes I’ve ever had, and I’m so thankful for the memories I made in Holmes Hall.”

As we all know, 2020 was a challenge for everyone, but as a Lab Teaching Assistant (TA )in the spring of 2020, it was a momentous challenge. Dr. Sarasua stated: “When COVID-19 resulted in moving teaching in the spring to online, our surveying TAs, including Max, had to scramble to create virtual versions of in-person labs literally on the fly. To do this, they took home surveying equipment during spring break and created detailed videos that showed step by step instruction on the use of the instruments. These videos included simulated measurements that students used to fill out field notes similar to what they would do if they did the lab in person. Max created well designed images of these measurements and did most of the recording and some of the narration for the 3 labs that were left in the semester. Because of the change to virtual labs, we had to scrap the lab manual and Max had to rewrite the procedures. He did so very meticulously to ensure the best virtual lab procedure possible. I was amazed how smooth the labs went and while I was pessimistic about teaching surveying lab virtually Max showed me what is possible. Max worked countless hours in high pressure situations to create the best lab experience possible for our students. His dedication and selflessness in his service to our students has gone way beyond what is expected of an outstanding TA. We would have probably had to cancel labs or have less than acceptable versions if it wasn’t for Max’s efforts.”

In addition to being a graduate Teaching Assistant for Geomatics, Max really embraced many different facets of the Clemson Experience. As an undergraduate, he interned with Parking and Transportation services for over two years, which gave him valuable experience interacting with families at orientation while educating them about their parking and transportation options.

Another highlight of his Clemson experience Max earned an internship abroad through Clemson’s Career Center, and worked as a Tours and Activities Coordinator for Craft Tours Spain, which offers walking and cycling tours of Barcelona and Madrid.

He also worked with Clemson Athletics, keeping live statistics for the volleyball team, and filming postgame quotes from football coaches and players. Max said “I love the energy associated with live sports events, and getting to be a part of making those games possible has been one of the highlights of my Clemson career.”

While in the Honors College and earning a BSCE ‘19/MSCE ‘20 degree, his personal hobbies didn’t take a back seat. His hobbies include singing, acting, and traveling. In 2020, he acted in his first play, The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood, at the Electric City Playhouse in Anderson. Currently, he is the Director of Dynamix, a co-ed a cappella group at Clemson that was formed in 2016. Dynamix will be competing in a tournament spring of 2021.  Max has also been fortunate enough to travel to Europe and South America and is always looking for new adventures.

Max will be joining the work force in roadway design or transit this summer.

Congratulations Max! We wish you continued success!