New Faculty Join Department

September 24, 2018

This fall, we welcomed three new faculty to our department.

Dr. Nasim Chowdhury received  his PhD from Clemson in 2017 with an emphasis in Water Resources Engineering. He joined the department full time this fall as a Senior Lecturer. During his tenure in Civil, he was a graduate research assistant, a graduate lab instructor, and a Glenn Teaching Fellow. He won the teaching assistant award for the year 2015-2016. Dr. Chowdhury is currently teaching Statics and Dynamics. His research interests are environmental fluid mechanics, pollutant transport, and open channel flow.

Dr.Laura Redmond joins the structures area from NASA. Laura lead deployment analyst for two earth-orbiting science satellites and was the structural engineer for the Mars 2020 mission rock sample tubes and hermetic sealing mechanism which includes nonlinear contact, thermal stress, creep and fatigue analysis. She also was the lead deployment analyst for two earth orbiting science satellites using ADAMS.

Dr. Tuyen Le graduated in 2017 from Iowa State with a research emphasis in Human Factors in Computerized Construction Management (HF-CCM).  This research focuses on enhancing the body of knowledge regarding human factors in the era of utilization of computerized technologies in the AEC/FM industry. The lab studies advanced technologies in data modeling, management, and analytics to develop innovative solutions that can maximize the performance of all the project members in dealing with data during the project life-cycle from early planning to facility management.