CECAS Employee Honoree Adam Rollins

December 16, 2020

Rollins profileFaculty and students in the School of Computing say that our next honoree has made their lives easier. He plays a critical role in connecting incoming graduate students with faculty members. He has gone above and beyond by establishing an application tracker that allows faculty to efficiently review applications, share notes, and score applicants to find the most desirable students. He is proactive about contacting faculty members he thinks would be good mentors for incoming graduate students. This staff member has gone out of his way to make himself an expert on all processes related to the graduate program, to assist in recruiting, and to make things easier for both graduate students and graduate coordinators. One faculty member says that this honoree is so knowledgeable that she is thinking of getting a T-shirt made that says, “Just ask Adam.”

In spite of COVID-19, the school’s new Ph.D. enrollment grew this past year, almost doubling from the previous year. This is a huge accomplishment for the school, and this staff member is credited as a large reason for helping make it happen. In addition, a student says that this honoree helped him smooth out a snafu with health services to secure health insurance. This student said, “Real heroes don’t wear capes, they sometimes appear ordinary, wear glasses, and just happen to sit in an office on Clemson’s campus. This staff member is so deserving of this award.” Indeed, he is. Congratulations to Adam Rollins on winning a 2020 administrative award!