Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

NASA-funded Research Featured in ACS ES&T Engineering

Dr. Sudeep Popat (left) and Phil Arve (right)

The December 2021 cover of the journal ACS ES&T Engineering features research being performed by Phil Arve, a doctoral student in EEES, and his adviser, Dr. Sudeep Popat.  The title of the article is “Stabilization of Urea for Recovery from Source-Separated Urine Using Electrochemically Synthesized Hydrogen Peroxide” (ACS ES&T Engineering  2021, 1, 12, 1642-1648).  The research focuses on stabilizing urea in source-separated urine by producing electrochemically synthesized hydrogen peroxide, enabling the subsequent recovery of urea, or the application of urine directly as fertilizer. From funding provided by NASA-EPSCOR, Dr. Popat and his graduate students are developing novel methods to recover resources from human waste for use in space exploration.  As with many NASA-funded projects, the knowledge gained is likely to find applications closer to home.