Staff Recognition

From time to time, our customers let us know how we’re doing. Below are encouraging words we’ve received from those we support regarding members of our staff. If you would like to recognize a member of University Facilities for outstanding service, please let us know.

Chris Miller

From Margaret M Camp

Christopher Miller

Christopher Miller, Customer Service Manager

I wanted to draw folks’ attention to the emails below, regarding how impressed the Orientation & Mobility specialist was with Chris Miller’s assistance last Saturday when opening facilities so a blind student could learn the routes to her classes. Chris has been so enthusiastic and we were so concerned that we would not be able to get entry into the buildings on a weekend, but he volunteered to come and open the facilities himself. Then he accompanied them, and made suggestions that were pretty terrific.

During a beginning-of-semester rush when we are hearing a lot of complaints and people are drained and resistant, it is wonderful to hear about a staff member going above and beyond to ensure a student’s safety and access. We need to create an award like ‘Access Ambassador’, or something like that, but for now I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to say how incredibly impressed we are (and the SC Vision Institute was) with Chris Miller.

Margaret M. Camp, MEd
Student Accessibility Services

Maintenance Services

From Andrea W Pilgrim

Dale Herron,
HVAC Technician

I wanted to take a minute to share with you how pleased we are that Mr. Dale Herron is the new HVAC Technician assigned to Tillman Hall. Dale stands out with both an exceptional work ethic and personality. He is diligent, timely and efficient. This old beautiful lady, Tillman, keeps him busy, but he approaches each scenario with a smile and confidence. He brightens our day and has become a part of us already!

Andrea Pilgrim,
Administrative Assistant & Building Security Coordinator
Office of the Dean, College of Education

Landscape Services

From Don Garrett

Tommy Fallaw,
Director of Landscape Services

I just wanted to let you know that I can’t ever remember when the grounds and turf on campus look as good as they do now.

Cathy and I had a little time to kill the other night after eating dinner downtown and took a nice slow ride around the interior of campus, which we don’t get to do very often. We both were so impressed with how things looked.

Please pass along to your staff that folks do notice their hard work.

Don Garrett,
Certified Golf Course Superintendent
The Walker Course

Capital Projects

From Kathy Hobgood

Michael Parker,
Project Manager

Just wanted to offer our utmost gratitude for all of the great communication this week as we slide into full occupancy. From keeping DPR on track on the sidewalks being ready to celebrating the Hub Dining testing and sharing photos with our colleagues from afar, your efforts are much appreciated!

The project may be the work of a giant team, but your leadership is evident!

Kathy Hobgood,
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Executive Director of University Housing & Dining,
Housing & Dining

Recycling Services

From Donna Jervis

Tony Rochester
Program Assistant

Our office recently reached out to FMO to order some recycle bins due to the many changes coming our way. The area of recycle delivered the bins immediately and have been on top of our busy time of year. Our bins have been filling up quick and every time I call, Tony Rochester and his team are here quick. Thanks to their time and attention, we are able to clean our offices quicker than we imagined. We appreciate their time, professionalism and most of all their kindness and patience.

Donna Jervis,
Administrative Assistant
College of Behavioral, Social, and Health Sciences