Staff Recognition

From time to time, our customers let us know how we’re doing. Below are encouraging words we’ve received from those we support regarding members of our staff. If you would like to recognize a member of University Facilities for outstanding service, please let us know.

Maintenance Services

Dale Herron, HVAC/R Service Technician

From Penny Reid

I just wanted to let you know that we have had great customer service from the HVAC technician, Dale, that was assigned to help with our building. Dale was quick to respond, he had great customer service and resolved the problem quickly. He even came back to check on our staff after the problem was resolved to ensure we were all comfortable in our offices. Thank you for hiring great technicians like Dale to serve our building. I greatly appreciate his help.

Penny Reid,
Executive Assistant to the VP for Research

And from Cindy Seaborn

Dale is very determined in getting the problem solved and making sure that we are comfortable. When an issue is reported, he checks in on several of us to determine each of our office temperatures and make us aware that they (hvac) are working on resolving the problem. His work ethic, customer service and personality is outstanding. My many years at the university, I have seen several that are just here for a paycheck but Dale is not one of those people. Clemson is blessed to have him aboard.

Cindy Seaborn,
Subaward Manager

Planning & Design / Construction & Renovation

From Helen Adams

Phillip Addington II, Project Manager

Barrett Anderson, Landscape Architect

I want to thank you for executing the new signage package for the Visitors Center move to Strom Thurmond. I have driven around the campus over this past week and I think you can follow the signs and end up exactly where we want you to!!! It is a big deal to start visitors to our campus off on the right foot. Now if we can just get the electronic GPS folks on our page we will be golden. Thank you for your time and efforts on this project. I know it took a little longer than you had originally hoped, but the end result is what counts.

Helen Adams,
Program Enrollment Manager

Maintenance Services

From Dave Detrich

Terry Green, HVAC Technician

Just wanted to extend a big thank you for the work you did on making the fan noise more tolerable in my office space. It’s been working quite well for me and I greatly appreciate the effort on your part in making it happen.

Dave Detrich,
MFA Graduate Program Coordinator

Karen Westmoreland, Custodian

Edna Sims, Custodian

Custodial Services

From Kay Shaw

I am writing to compliment two staff members in your department, Ms. Edna Sims and Ms. Karen Westmoreland. I have had the opportunity to see these employees in action as I have been working some in Sikes Hall. I cannot say enough about how well they perform their job duties. The building is maintained beautifully. These employees are always on the go. They are so pleasant and welcoming when you see them any time during their day, even though they have been hard at work by the time the workday begins for many others.

Kay Shaw,
Office of Budgets and Financial Planning

Custodial Services

From Connie Robinson,

Charles Brown, Custodial Services Manager

Charles Brown, Custodial Services Manager

I would like to commend you for hiring the company Jet Set to clean the exterior of Lee Hall. We appreciate the efforts and positivity that cleaning of the external walls and walkways bring to our area. Whether we like it or not – appearance has a great bearing upon the impact as to how others judge us. Our surroundings are taking on a whole new life of exuberance and pride, not only for us, but to those who visit or study in Lee Hall.

Connie Robinson,
College of Arts, Architecture, & Humanities