The Globe Hotel

December 14, 2016

December 13, 2016

Tuesday morning the group took on the documentation of the Globe Hotel. The Globe Hotel, built in 1699, was constructed by the Colony’s fifth governor, Samuel Day. It was supposedly built as an official residence belonging to the Crown  but Governor Day claimed it as his own.  In the mid-1800s it was converted to a hotel.  During the civil war it played a part of the blockade runners in St George’s.  The Bermuda Historical Monuments Trust acquired  the property in 1952 and it now serves as a house museum with exhibits on the American Civil War.

We took a small detour to see 7 Gables, a 18th century house in St. George’s. We explored the cellar to see the foundations and framing of the house. 7 Gables is a masonry house that encloses a frame structure. Back at the Globe Hotel,  students continued to work on the plan of the building, as Dr. Fortenberry and Ed Chappell worked on the cellar of 7 Gables.

-Alena Franco, MSHP Class of 2017

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