Industrial Engineering

Clemson IE’s Khademi receives NSF CAREER Award

Dr. Amin Khademi

Clemson University’s Department of Industrial Engineering is excited to announce that Dr. Amin Khademi has received an NSF CAREER Award! The award is a five-year, $500,000 grant that will not only help Dr. Khademi support a comprehensive research program in healthcare operations research, but it will also support creative educational initiatives that will bolster both the undergraduate and graduate educational mission of the Industrial Engineering department at Clemson.

Dr. Khademi’s proposal is entitled, “Innovative Methods for Designing Adaptive Clinical Trials.” Adaptive clinical trials enable learning and focused experimentation during the course of a clinical trial, which ultimately reduces the costliness of trials and improves the safety of new treatment programs. The mathematics behind this proposal are quite complex, but have the potential to impact areas far beyond healthcare treatment. Dr. Khademi will draw on his expertise in stochastic optimization, using approximate dynamic programming and optimal learning theory as tools that he will employ and further develop for this project.
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